84th Railsplitters Association
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An Association of 84th Division
Service Men and Women

“The Railsplitters”

84th Lincoln Patch

Our Heritage:
The "Lincoln Country Division,
The Railsplitters"

From 1946 through the 1950s, the 84th served
the United States Army Reserve as the 84th Airborne Division.
With headquarters located in Milwaukee, WI,
the 84th Airborne was highly trained and respected.
Many of the soldiers were veterans of World War II.
With their combat experience and training,
the Railsplitters were always ready to Strike Hard. Railsplitter
Major General G. W. Embury (front)
prepares to jump with his staff
during a training exercise at Fort McCoy, WI.
Embury was the commanding general of
the 84th Airborne Division
from September 1957 to December 1963.

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